CerraSystems is a professional PCB Fabrication, PCB Manufacturer and Printed Circuit Board Service provider in India. It is the leading PCB Manufacturing Company in India. Our PCB are used in many fields includes communication, medical equipment, home automation product, consumer electronics, automobile industry. Many years of experience in the line of Printed Circuit Board (PCB Manufacturing). We have gained a good reputation and considered as reliable and long-term service provider at home. CerraSystems Inc supports the full electronic product life-cycle, complete from quick turn PCB to cost-effective, high-volume fabrication.

Our Printed Circuit Boards Fabrication capabilities support high-frequency PCB, High-temperature Boards, Thick pcb, ultra-thin pcb, heavy copper pcb, Metal Core pcb, HDI boards with Blind Vias, Buried Vias, Microvias. Embedded passives, bonded heat sink, Impedance Control, Depth control drilling, Back drilling, Edge Plated pcb, Bump Pads, cavity with ledge, Via on pad and stacked micro-Via technology.

Cerra Systems engineering team can work with you to review your pcb design to make sure that PCB Manufacturing and PCB Fabrication can be within budget constrained but without any compromise on quality. We excel in providing you with high quality Printed circuit boards (PCB) Fabrication and Manufacturing to meet your exact requirements.

As an established PCB Fabricator Supplier in India with an in-depth understanding of the Printed Circuit Board domain including a complete product design life cycle. We have the competence to offer you the finest quality boards within the specification and quantity that you desire.


HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect)

HDI PCB capitalizes on the latest technologies available to increase  the functionality of PCB using…

Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB​

Rigid-Flex circuitry provides a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other elements …

RF and Microwave PCB​

RF and Microwave PCB’s are designed to operate on signals in the megahertz to gigahertz frequency ranges…

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We supply  a wide range of Printed Circuit Boards in India and back plane products from very small, double sided rigid PCB to high layer count, high density multi layer boards to large tabletop size back planes. We have dedicated and quick-turnaround operations capable of delivering PCB prototypes with lead…

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