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Cerra Systems & Supply Chain Solutions

Cerra Systems is one of the Leading Online stores with Diversified portfolio of Electronic components, modules, Printed Circuit boards, cables, and enclosures having worldwide supply chain solutions.

Being a Leading independent electronic components distributor, we address all type of product applications right from prototype to Volume Requirements supplying to Electronic manufacturing industries, OEM’s, R&D and educational Institutions.

We own multiple warehouses to stock materials with world-wide sourcing and shipping offering highly competitive prices.

At Cerra systems, we differentiate ourselves by promoting and adding value to a wide range of industrial, commercial, military and aerospace grade products from best known manufactures, coupled with an extensive applications engineering support.

Supported by global trading partners we offer immediate delivery of wide range of products at the best available prices and quality. We have a separate test engineering group backed by test equipment’s for material verification and testing to ensure material quality as per customer specifications.

Cerra systems manufacturing sourcing services spans across electronic components and sub-assemblies, mechanical and electrical.

Our team comprehensive set of services encompasses vendor evaluation, quality assurance, onsite quality inspection, logistics consulting and trade solutions.

Buying and planning are linked to corporate commodity management having Extensive experience with imports, customs duties and tariffs.

Our team strives to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by exceeding customer expectation on Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service. Dedicated Program Management Team are assigned to work with our customers throughout project lifecycle.

Supply Chain services provided in each project are flexible depending on the project requirements and clients demands which includes Technical support, parts engineering and testing providing the right tools to the proper selection and subsequent use of parts.
Material procurement Services includes:

    • Document generation and seek of needed approvals to start the procurement.
      Parts ordering and Follow-up.
      ITAR management.
      Guarantee full compliance with the project requirements.
      Storage, Parts inspection and testing.
      Parts and suppliers identification, definition and selection.
    • Risk mitigation analysis.
      Failure analysis.
      Non conformance management.
      Obsolescence management.
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