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Cerra Systems is a professional PCB Fabrication, PCB Manufacturer and Printed Circuit Board, Service provider in India. Our PCB are used in many fields includes communication,medical equipment,home automation product,consumer electronics, automobile industry,Many years of experience in the line of Printed Circuit Board we have gained a good reputation and considered as reliable and long-term service provider at home. Cerra Systems Inc supports the full electronic product life-cycle, complete from quick turn PCB to cost effective, high volume fabrication.

cerrasystems offers electronic systems design and manufacturing services from concept to realization.Electronic product design services include systems,PCB Design,PCB Design analysis,PCB Fabrication,PCBManufacturing,PCB Prototyping,Embedded software Development,HDI PCB,Conventional Printed circuit board Flex & Rigid- Flex Capabilities,Multilayer PCB and IC Substrates.

At cerrasystems we focus on medium to high complexity printed circuit board design solutions that meet or exceed all of our customer’s electrical and mechanical constraints we have established standards for acceptance and delivery which results in faster turnaround time.



HDI PCB capitalizes on the latest technologies available to increase  the functionality of PCB using…

Conventional PCB can be any layer count, but rely on conventional drilling and plating technology…

IC substrates serve as the connection between IC chip and the PCB through a conductive network of traces…

Rigid-Flex circuitry provides a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other elements …

Our applications based approach provides innovative engineering and advanced process capabilities…

We offer a one-stop solution leveraging our world class capabilities in PCB Fabrication in India

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We supply  a wide range of Printed Circuit Boards in India and back plane products from very small, double sided rigid PCB to high layer count, high density multi layer boards to large tabletop size back planes. We have dedicated and quick-turnaround operations capable of delivering PCB prototypes with lead…

Electro Mechanical Solutions & Integration

We offer a complete solution for backplane fabrication and assembly from our cost-competitive global manufacturing facilities. We can build all types and sizes of backplanes, including some of the largest and most sophisticated backplanes.We offer both leaded and lead-free processes…

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