Advanced Photonics Packaging

Customer Challenge for Advanced Photonics Packaging

Next generation Integrated Coherent Transmitter & Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (IC-TROSA) are targeting 100G+

  • Increased demand for high speed bandwidth.
  • Increased component density.
  • Thermal management challenges.
  • Cost challenges.
  • Current Thin Film, HTCC and LTCC solutions are expensive with long lead times.
  • Application requires innovation to achieve performance and cost goals.

Solutions For Advanced Photonics Packaging

  • High frequency multi-layer PCBs bonded directly to ceramic substrates
    • Superior RF performance from Organic PCB materials leveraging copper conductors
    • Structural stability and thermal advantages of ceramic substrate
  • Replaces traditional LTCC and HTCC ‘gold box’ assemblies addressing cost reduction and performance improvement targets for emerging ultrahigh speed photonics market
  • Innovation leverages patented mixed material fusion bonding process
  • “Near Hermetic” performance for photonic applications (RGA testing data available on request)
  • Addresses cost and performance challenges

Sample Interposer

Custom Ceramic Substrates

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Manufacturing Partners Profile includes: 
Argus Sytems (AESPL) –  PCBACable AssemblyBox Build
Emsxchange – PCBACable AssemblyBox Build.