Engineered Thermal Solutions(ETS)

Customer Challenges For Thermal Management

  • Components mounted on PCB surfaces are overheating
    • System density is ever increasing
    • Engineers are forced to place more power in less space
  • Traditional PCB’s have very poor thermal performance.

  • Thinner PCBs (0.015” –0.025”) have multiple challenges when fitted with embedded copper
High Density Via Pattern ( HDVP)
High Density Via pattern ( HDVP)
  • Drill spacing can be tangentially
  • Fill options can be customized
    • 100% Cu fill
    • Cu plating with Via Fill

ETS Technology

Engineered Thermal Solutions (ETS) is an innovative approach that improves PCB thermal performance while enhancing layout flexibility. 

ETS technology is an enhanced replacement of embedded copper coins in thin boards 15 – 25 mils (0.38 – 0.635 mm) thick.

  • ETS can be applied in 2 ways
    • 1:1 direct coin replacement
    • Selective improvement to specific thermal areas
  • Selective ETS can be very small and more flexible versus standard coins
    • Smallest ETS area – 0.015” x 0.030” (0.38 x 0.76mm)
    • As a reference, Coin Size in the image below – 0.24” square (6.1mm)
  • Selective ETS greatly improved PCB space utilization
    • ETS requires only 30% space required for direct coin replacement (For this application)
    • Helps to reduce design size and layer
  • Layout flexibility allowing for nearly any geometry to be created;
    • Helps to maximize PCB area utilization and achieve smaller designs
    • High density via pattern can customized for each thermal load.
    • Traces can be routed through at multiple angels and layers
    • Via patterns can be very small and more flexible versus standard coins
  • Drive component beyond established limits
  • Improved grounding, layout and overall system performance

Legacy Thermal​ Management Solutions

  • Copper coins
  • Via-Farms
  • PCB/Heat-sink Cut-outs

ETS Production Capablity

  • Low Volume 
  • Overall Board Thickness – 15-25 mils (0.38 – 0.635 mm)
  • Internal Lines and Spaces – 3/3 mil (75/75 um) 
  • Advanced Device packaging mm-Wave device thermal management

ETS - Prototype And Mid-Volume Production Capability

  • High Volume
  • Overall Board Thickness – 5-25 mils (0.38 0.635 mm) 
  • Internal Lines and Spaces – 3/3 mil (75/75 um)
  • Caseless Circulator mounting

ETS R&D Capability

  • Introduction to thicker substrates
  • Automotive Power train
  • DC distribution
  • Backplane technology 

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Manufacturing Partners Profile includes: 
Argus Sytems (AESPL) –  PCBACable AssemblyBox Build
Emsxchange – PCBACable AssemblyBox Build.