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Flex PCB and Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer

Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCB circuitry provides a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other elements. Such as display, input or storage devices without wires and cables or connectors. Replacing them with thin and light composites that integrate wiring in ultra-thin, flexible ribbons between sections. In rigid-flex packaging, a flexible circuit substrate provides as a backbone of wiring with rigid multi-layer circuit sections built up as modules where needed to PCB Manufacturing.

Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCB applications also provide increased reliability. Mean time between failure rates typically exceed those of standard PCB sets with discrete wires and connectors. Often becoming the choice of companies and engineers alike for its dependable and consistent performance.

Rigid-Flex PCB Product types:

  1. Single Sided Flex PCB material with or without shield one conductive layer.
  2. Double sided flexible material with or without shield or stiffener two conductor layers with plated through holes.
  3. Multi-layer flexible material without shield and more than two conductor layers with plated through hole and HDI.

Multi-layer rigid PCBs and Flexible PCB material combinations more than two conductor layers with plated through holes and HDI.

Physical advantages for Flex PCB:
  • Improved Resistance to vibrations and movement
  • Small package size
  • Allow for more compact devices
  • High tensile strength
  • High bendiness-up to 360 degrees.
  • Easier to prepare for harsh environments
  • Use of flexible flat cables which can bend.
  • Without damaged and takes up less space than traditional wires.

PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly Advantages:

  • Installation Flexibility.
  • Improved Heat. Dissipation.
  • Improved Airflow
  • Increase in design freedom.

Cerra Systems, PCB Manufacturing global team of engineers offers our customers design for manufacture guidance. We have industry-leading talent that has supported rigid-flex and flex-dependent designs from the prototype stage to end-of-life. We help customers find ways to improve their overall yield and find cost efficiencies wherever possible. This close collaboration results in the inspiring innovations our customers bring to market, enabling people to live and work better.

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