Component Engineering Services

Component Engineering Services

* BOM analysis and optimization

* Component database management

* Alternate component selection

* Obsolescence management

* PCN Handling

* RoHS and REACH compliance.

Component Engineering Design Service
* BOM Analysis/Risk Assessment

~ Pricing

~Lead time


~Environmental compliance (ROHS/WEEE)

~Material Declaration

~Lead Finish

~Soldering Profile

~Whisker data

~PCN/PDN Managament

* Obsolescence Solutions, Part lifecycle management

* Alternate Part/substitute Selection.

* Qualification of Alternate Components.

* Device Up Screening.

~Electrical test

~Burn in Test

~Environmental Test

~Root cause failure analysis

* Support on Reliability, Thermal and Packaging information.

* Procurement technical support.

* Parts management: military and commercial systems.

* Supplier Quality Auditing and Engineering.