Insulated Metal Substrate PCBs

Insulated metal substrate PCB

Insulated metal substrate (IMS) PCB

Insulated metal substrate (IMS) PCBs, also known as metal core PCBs (MCPCBs), are PCBs that have a metallic support plate (typically aluminium) that is isolated from the circuit’s copper conductors by a dielectric layer.

With the increasing use of (IMS) in LED lighting, automotive applications, power conversion, motor drives, and semiconductor modules, proper material selection and optimised circuit fabrication processes would be required.

Designs have progressed beyond the basic platform to allow for the mounting of particular devices that require high thermal efficiency. Optimal thermal performance is required for critical control of maximum junction temperatures and power densities. Electrical isolation needs will continue to vary, but for the most part, safety agency testing at voltages higher than operating voltages will be required. As a result, the importance of optimal material selection, including base substrate type, dielectric thermal performance and thickness, and circuit foil weight, cannot be overstated.

Finally, because all of the components in the application are extremely cost sensitive, realistic expectations from the printed board fabrication are required, and the (DFM) process must be used throughout the design, from printed board production through printed board assembly.


Application of Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS)

IMS PCBs are widely used for LEDs, automotive, power electronics, solid-state relays, etc.

LED Technology

LED circuits are becoming extremely compact, energy-efficient, and power-dense. IMS PCBs are commonly used in LED circuits because they efficiently absorb heat generated by LED SMDs and transfer it to the heatsink material.

Automotive Industry

Hundreds of control units make up modern cars (CU). These little computers are found in or near the engine and are exposed to extreme temperatures. IMS PCBs have the thermal conductivity and mechanical qualities that these applications require.

Power Electronics

In power electronic circuits, switching devices generate a lot of heat. IMS PCBs efficiently transfer heat without the need for discrete heatsinks for each component. This makes it possible to create tiny designs.

IMS Flow Chart (Cu)
IMS PCB Capability
IMS PCB Capability Guidline
IMS PCB examples
Connection on Copper IMS

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