PCB Copper Foil Treatment Process

PCB Copper Foil Treatment Process

Copper Foil Treatment Process for Printed Circuit Board in India

The treatment process converts drum foil to foil now suitable for lamination and PCB processing

Copper Foil Treatment Process
Copper Foil Treatment Process PCB

Copper Foil Definitions

  • DSTF ® (Drum Side Treated Foil) −  Adhesion treatment is applied to the shiny/drum side
  • RTF (Reverse Treated Foil) −  Same as DSTF ®
  • LP −  Low profile foil with tooth 5.1-9.9 microns
  • VLP-X −  Very low profile foil with tooth < 5 microns
  • e-VLP/HVLP −  Ultra low profile foils

LP, VLP-X, and e-VLP-X are applications for:

  • Telecom Communication, Mobile MLB
  • Storage, switch
  • 5G mobile
  • 77GHZ Radar
  • IoT
  • STD HTE (Standard Shiny Copper) −  Adhesion treatment is applied to the matte side

STD HTE application for:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial

Copper Foil Treatments

Reverse Treated Foil (RTF):

The smooth surface of electrodeposited copper is treated in reverse treated foils. Treatment layers are thin coatings that improve the base foil’s adherence to dielectrics and add corrosion resistance while roughening the glossy side. The treated side of copper is laminated to the dielectric material while producing printed circuit board (PCB) panels. The fact that one side of the treated drum is rougher than the other means that it adheres to the dielectric better. This is the most significant advantage over ordinary ED copper. Before applying photoresist to the matte side, no mechanical or chemical treatment is required. It’s already tough enough to hold a good laminate resist.

PCB Copper foil comparison

Copper Foil Surface Profile


Copper Foil Surface Profile

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