PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication for Aerospace & Defence Applications

Aerospace & Defence Applications

Cerra Systems is largest supplier of printed circuit boards and custom assemblies to the Aerospace and Defence industries. Superior reliability is the overriding issue for military and aerospace electronics. Regardless of PCB Fabrication application, they must perform in the most extreme environment and hazardous situations.

As military and aerospace electronics are reduced in size to increase functionality and reduce weight. They incorporate new technologies that need to be thoroughly tested and proven reliable. These new processes must be characterized “stable and controlled” before they can be implemented in mission-critical applications.

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

In the automotive electronics sector, Cerra Systems is the strategic supplier of advanced-technology, medium- to high-volume, high reliability printed circuit boards to automotive electronics manufacturers. We support the full range of our automotive customers. PCB needs from prototypes to high-volume production and from standard products to the most advanced technologies.

Our PCB are used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from safety critical components as airbags, braking, steering and collision avoidance or radar systems to engine control Units and infotainment systems. Cerra Systems  especially supports ADAS, radar and stereo camera systems.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication​

In a mobile communication world, leading edge technology literally brings the power of world-wide communication, streaming video and computing to the palm of your hand. Our leading technology in advanced HDI and flexible circuits, combined with prototype to mass-scale, cost efficient production, positions. Cerra Systems as a global leader in the high-end smart phone space.

Today’s smart devices are pushing the limits of traditional High Density Interconnection HDI PCB technology.  In order to realize always-on connectivity with high speed voice, video and internet surfing with pixel perfect resolution, the PCB in these devices drive miniaturization of all geometries with increasingly complex interconnections.

Telecom & Networking

Telecom & Networking​

We supply low to high layer count printed circuit boards and backplanes, including large format oversized panels and high aspect ratio plating, where we understand the importance of signal integrity and impedance control requirements. We offer world-class material and processing expertise in RF & microwave applications, including mixed material constructions, blind and buried via structures and cavity designs which are key competencies our customers rely upon.

Our key telecommunications global manufacturing facilities are TL9000 certified and provide our customers with the highest levels of technology and quality.

Industrial & Instrumentation

Industrial & Instrumentation​

Industrial and instrumentation manufacturers are under strong competitive pressure to reduce costs and time to market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. Cerra Systems skilled and experienced global teams consistently help our customers meet these challenges.

  • Early Supplier Development to include electro-mechanical design and Design for Manufacture.
  • Prototype facilities for printed circuit boards with a seamless transition to volume production.
  • Backplane assembly and printed circuit board assembly.

PCB Fabrication for Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics​

For an industry that depends on stringent process control and product traceability. Our specialized facilities strictly adhere to a comprehensive quality system designed to meet the needs of the Medical Industry as per PCB Manufacturing. Our high-mix, low volume manufacturing combined with competitive, off-shore production and value added assembly provide a custom end-to-end solution for the medical customer.

Our specialties include:

  • Advanced metal and assembly for ultrasound and MR other medical HLA products.
  • Advanced medical backplane assembly for CT applications.
  • Medical printed circuit boards that include complex designs for implantable devices, patient monitoring, robotic surgery systems, CT and MR systems.

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