PCB Laminate Construction

PCB Laminate Construction

PCB Laminate Construction | PCB Manufacturer Company in India

Laminate Formation- CCL

  • Laminate / Cores are formed by combining two sheets of copper foil with one or more plies of prepreg in a lamination press
  • Under heat and pressure, prepreg resin flows and cures to a C Stageproducing copper clad laminate


High-Pressure Lamination

High-Pressure Lamination
  • Laminate is formed by laying up the copper foil and prepreg plies with the treated side of the copper foil facing the prepreg.  Under heat, pressure, and vacuum, prepreg then bonds the copper foils and crosslinks to a “C” stage laminate


Core: PCB Building Block

PCB Core


Copper Clad Laminate

Copper Clad Laminate


Material Shelf-Life Considerations

  • Most PCB laminate materials are “thermoset” plastics, which means that once they are pressed/cured, re-heating them will have no effect on their molecular structure.  This is different than “thermoplastic” materials, which can be pressed, cooled, and re-pressed again
  • Once cured, thermoset laminates will have an indefinite shelf-life, and they can be kept in relatively uncontrolled storage
  • Prepregs, because they are only partially cured (B-stage) until they are fully pressed, need to be stored in a T&H-controlled environment.  They will also cure over time, therefore they have a finite shelf-life before they become unusable
    • Useful prepreg shelf-life is typically 3 months from date of manufacture4
  • It is useful to understand material shelf-life requirements when requesting PCB fabricators to pre-order materials for upcoming builds.  When schedules slip, material may become unusable, and the cost of the material is often charged back to the customer


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