PCB Laminates: Glass Fiber, Resin, Copper Foil

PCB Laminate Manufacturing


Material: Glass Yarn & Glass Fabric for prepreg

Typical Prepreg Glass Styles

Glass Fabric- Standard vs Spread

Fiber Glass Fabric Properties

  • Fiberglass fabric has directional properties base on the Warp and Fill yarn count and diameter.
  • Maintaining the proper orientation is critical for dimensional stability, registration and scaling.

Material- Prepreg (B-Stage) Manufacturing Process

Prepreg After Resin Coating

Large sheets of B-Stage prepreg are ready to be combined with copper foil in a high-pressure press at high temperature to form laminate used in PCBs

Prepreg is also cut into smaller sheets that will be used by the PCB Manufacturer in the process of constructing multilayer circuits. In this form, the prepreg is used as an “adhesive” to bond the multilayer laminate cores.

Standard Resin Systems Used in FR4

Tetrafunctional: Resins blended for better performance in low layer count multilayer PCB application.

High Temp Multifunctional: Resins blended for higher layer count multilayer constructions.

Enhanced Multifunctional Resin: Resins blended for high layer count multilayers with improved PTH reliability

Phenolic Cured Filled Epoxies: Multifunction system blended with lower loss resins to provide lower loss

Resin blended with Phenolic curing agent to enhance high-temperature performance

and a filling agent to reduce Z-axis expansion.

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