PCB Manufacturing Cost Drivers

PCB Manufacturing Cost Drivers

PCB Manufacturing Company in India: Cerra Systems is a professional PCB Fabrication, PCB Manufacturer, and Printed Circuit Board, Service provider in India. It is the leading PCB Manufacturing Company in India.

PCB Manufacturing Cost Drivers


  • Layer count is the other main driver with respect to PCB cost
    • Assume an 8L PCB as standard
    • Every two layers added to the PCB will add ~10-20% to the PCB cost
    • Odd layers do not save A 7L PCB costs the same as an 8L PCB due to the process involved in the manufacture
      • Internal cores are always supplied to fabricators as double-sided
      • Internal layers are always processed as pairs
    • When subtracting two layers, PCB costs decrease by ~10-20%
    • Core thicknesses and copper weights add to material costs


  • Basic process complexity
    • All process steps have an associated cost in terms of process times, materials, consumables, energy and waste treatment
    • The adders described on subsequent slides are to be used as a rough guide only, as each design is unique and needs to be priced accordingly
  • Adders are based on 10-panel minimum releases. Prototype runs may be affected by lot charges and expedite charges as described earlier


  • Mechanical drilling
    • Drilling is the largest variable cost in PCB manufacturing
    • Drilling holes consume drill bits at an average rate of one bit for every 1000 holes drilled
    • Some fabricators (TTM included) will include a certain amount of drill hits per manufacturing panel in the base cost (often ~25K per panel)
  • Additional costs will amount to 1-2% for every 10K holes
  • Drill hole size is an adder depending on the region of manufacture
    • 15-20% cost adder for 6 mil (0.15mm) holes in NA
    • 10% cost adder for 8 mils (0.2mm) holes in Asia
  • Once there is one 6 mils or 8 mil hole on a PCB, then having thousands will make no difference to the size adder, but may affect overall yield

Drilling Impact on PCB Cost

Thickness and Aspect Ratio:

•  Thickness adders
  • Any thickness less than 90 mil (2.29mm) is considered standard in NA (62 mil – 1.58mm in Asia)

                  –   91-120 mil (2.30-3.05mm) adds 10% (30% Asia)

                  –   121-180 mil (3.06-4.57mm) adds 20% (50+% Asia)

                  –   181-250 mil (4.58-6.35mm) adds 30 %

                  –   Design review is required for anything over 250 mil (6.35mm) (equipment limitations) or under 20 mil (0.5mm) (process                                                                      limits)

  • Aspect ratio (thickness ÷ min drill size) adders
    • Aspect ratios of <10:1 are considered standard

                            –   10:1-11.99:1 adds 10% (3-5% Asia)

                            –   12:1-12.99:1 adds 20% (6-10% Asia)

                            –   13:1-14.99:1 adds 30% (10-15% Asia)

                            –   Drill size and overall thickness can trigger aspect ratio adders

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