PCB Manufacturability and Cost Drivers

Multi layer PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing:- PCB Manufacturing is the construction of your board design. Cerra Systems is the leading company for PCB Manufacturing in India. Let’s discuss factors affecting PCB Costs.

What factors drive PCB cost?

  • Choice of materials.
  • Layer count.
  • Performance class (IPC 6012B Class 2/3, MIL-PRF-31032, …).
  • Manufacturing panel utilization (how PCBs fit on a master panel).
  • Basic process complexity, including minimums/maximums for:
    • Line and space.
    • Drilled hole size.
    • Overall PCB thickness.
    • Annular ring requirements.
    • Copper weights.
  • Enhanced process operations (via-in-pad, buried capacitance, buried resistors, castellations, ).
  • Process yield.

Manufacturing Panel Utilization:

  • Panel utilization is one of the two most critical factors with respect to PCB cost
    • From a cost perspective as PCB vendors manufacture panels, not boards, so panel utilization is critical to control cost.
    • Manufacturing panels come in many Some are optimized for special processes or materials. Others are optimized for volume production with many panel sizes being vendor-specific.
    • 18”x24” manufacturing panels are optimized for “standard” PCB manufacturing equipment and are considered “universal” such that all vendors can process them.
      • Other sizes may include 21”x24”, 14”x24”, 12”x18”, and 12”x12”.
  • In product design, Panel utilization must be considered in the very early phases, NOT AT PCB LAYOUT, since product attributes often dictate form factor and circuit size.

Manufacturing Panel: Array Design

Design to meet assembly process requirements

Questions to ask/answer:

  • Minimum part dimensions (smallest part) that can be run through the assembly process?
  • Maximum part dimensions?
  • Are rails required?
  • Rails on how many sides?
  • Minimum rail width required?
  • Are tooling holes allowed to be added to rails and are there limitations to distance from the active part edge?
  • Is the addition of external and internal copper thieving allowed on rails?
  • Are “X-outs” allowed on multi-part arrays and what are the limitations?

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