PCB Material Electrical Consideration

PCB Material Electrical Consideration

Selecting PCB Materials: Electrical and Manufacturing Considerations

It’s critical to use the proper materials for your PCB design because the materials you employ can affect overall performance. Understanding the production process and your options is therefore essential for design success. Knowing how thermal and electrical qualities affect your design before you go into production can save you time and money while ensuring the best results.

Laminate Electrical Considerations-

Controlled dielectric constructions have become increasingly important as circuits push the limits of materials through improved simulation

Factors that influence dielectric constant
  • Signal frequency
  • Temperature
  • Moisture content
  • Glass composition
  • Ratio of epoxy resin to glass in the construction

High Performance Laminates-

Anisotropic Nature of Glass Fabric

Anisotropic nature of glass fabric

High Performance Laminate Systems-

Hi Performance laminates systems

Isotropic Laminate Materials-

On the scale of conducting traces and wavelengths of microwave signals the dielectric properties appear to be homogeneous regardless of trace orientation

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