Electronic Component IC ES5107AE IC

Electronic Component IC ES5107AE IC


Electronic Component IC ES5107AE IC

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Electronic Component IC ES5107AE IC

Electronic Component IC ES5107AE IC The ES5107 is a low power CMOS 3 1/2 digit A/D converter With LED display drivers. The single chip ES5107 provides all the necessary active devices which contain the internal clock. voltage reference. seven-segment decoders, LED display drivers. The improved internal more zen reference voltage circuit gives the analog common a small temperature coefficient of 60 ppm/℃ typically.
The high accuracy characteristics of the ES5107 perform very low
linearity error and rollover error.

The high input impedance(>1012Ω) and low input leakage current (1pA typical)give the ES5107 a good application in the field of high impedance circuit measurement. The differential input and reference are suitable for measuring bridge transducer or ohms by using a ratio-metric method.
The dual slope conversion technique makes the ES5107 a good
normal mode and common mode rejection ratio. With a suitable
oscillator frequency. the ES5107 has a high rejection of 50Hz, 60Hz
and 400Hz line frequency noise.
With a set of LED display and a few resistors and capacitors
ES5107 can be built as a high-performance panel meter. Existing
ICL7107 based systems may be upgraded without changing external
passive component values.

*Guaranteed zero reading with zero input.
*Low input leakage current (1pA typical)
*Internal Reference with low-temperature drift (60ppm/℃ typical)     Low noise(15µ Vp-p typical)
*Direct LED display drive-no external components required
*Differential input and voltage reference
*Internal clock circuit

*Digital panel meters
*Digital multimeters
*Capacitance meters
*pH meters


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