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Fiber Optics Trainer Kit


Fiber Optics Trainer Kit

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Product Description

Fiber Optic Trainer kit

Fiber Optic Trainer kit Model is designed to learn the basics of Fiber Optics. The trainer demonstrates properties of Fiber Optic Transmitter & Receiver, Characteristics of Fiber Optic Cable and different types of Modulation/Demodulation techniques. A large number of experiments are included in the workbook and many more can be performed using the trainer.

The trainer can also be used to demonstrate various digital Communication techniques via Fiber Optic link using other Digital communication Trainer.

Simplex Analog & Digital Trans Receiver

• Single Module covering large number of experiments including
• experiments with optical power meter (optional)
• 660 nm channel with Transmitter & Receiver.
• AM – FM – PWM Modulation/Demodulation.
• On-board Function Generator, Crystal Controlled dock & in built DC power supply
• Functional blocks indicated on-board mimic with input/output & test points.
• On-board voice link & switched faults on Transmitter & Receiver. Numerical aperture measurement jig and mandrel for bending loss are provided.
• Detailed operating manual & student workbook contains introduction to Fiber Optics, theory of Fiber Optics, optical Fiber Communications System, advantages of Fiber Optic System, characteristics of Optical Fiber, glossary of Fiber Optic Terms, etc.

Fiber Optic Trainer Kit Experiments Possible

1.Setting up Fiber Optic Analog/Digital Link
2. AM system using Analog/Digital Input Signal
3. Frequency Modulation System
4. Pulse Width Modulation System.
5. Study of Propagation Loss/Bending Loss in Optical Fiber.
6. Measurement of Numerical Aperture.
7. Characteristics of E-O Converter (LED).
8. Characteristics of Fiber Optic Communication Link.
9. Fiber optic voice link using amplitude modulation.
10. Fiber optic voice link using frequency modulation.
11. Fiber optic voice link using PWM.
12. Study of Switched Faults in AM / FM & PWM system.
13. Measurement of Optical Power Using Optical Power Meter (optional).
14. Characteristics of E-O Converter Using Optical Power Meter (optional).
15. Measurement of propagation loss in optical fiber using Optical Power Meter (optional).


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