Fpga Development board Artix 7

FPGA Development board based on Artix 7


FPGA Development board Artix 7

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Product Description

FPGA Development board Artix 7

  • The excel ET-FPGA-A7 is a user friendly FPGA development boards
  • Based on Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA the board includes a USB-UART
  • Bridge, clock source, SRAM, Quad-SPI Flash, basic I/O devices and
  • Peripherals like LEDs, Switch, LCD, Buzzers etc. these components
  • Make it a formidable platform for digital logic circuits and
  • Micro blaze embedded soft-core processor designs using Xilinx’s
  • Development software vivado there are 44 Digital FPGA I/O
  • Signals and two FPGA Analog inputs


FPGA Development board Artix 7 System features

  • Based on Xilinx Artix7 (XC7A35T-1CPG236C)
  • 1 MSPS On-chip ADC
  • Quad-SPI Flash Programming
  • 20,800 Look-Up Tables (LUTs):
  • 41,600 Flip Flops
  • 225 KB Block Ram
  • 5 Clock Management Tiles
  • 512KB SRAM with an 8-bit bus and 8ns Access times
  • 4MB Quad-SPI Flash
  • 48-pin DIP connector with 44 Digital I/O and 2
  • Analog
  • inputs (0-3.3v)
  • Powered from USB or external power supply
  • (AC Mains)

System Connectivity:

USB-UART Bridge (using USB A to B Cable)

On Board Peripherals

  • 8digital (3.3v) input toggle switch with dual colour
  • Led (for both high and low indication)
  • 16 Digital (3.3V) input through 2 Dip Switches
  • 4Pulled down Push Buttons
  • 4 Multiplexed 7 seven Segment Display
  • 8 Output LEDs (RED)
  • Traffic Light Controller with 16 LEDs
  • 8×8 LED Matrixes (Dot Leds)
  • 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD
  • Buzzer
  • VGA Connector
  • PS2 Connector
  • Enclosed in an attractive ABS plastic box with cover
  • Built in power Supply
  • Supplied with Connecting USB cable (A to B) and connecting leads
  • Link for User manual sample programs data sheets &videos shared with the customers

FPGA Trainer Kit (VPL-SPARTAN-50L/100L)


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