FPGA Training kit 2 USB FPGA Starter kit

FPGA Training kit Alter cyclone 2 USB FPGA Starter kit


FPGA Training kit/Alter cyclone 2 USB FPGA Starter kit

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Product Description

FPGA Training kit Alter cyclone 2 USB

The Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Board (Figure 1–1) provides
integrated features that enable users to develop and test designs that
range from simple circuits to various multimedia projects, all without the
need to implement complex application programming interfaces (APIs),
host control software, or SRAM/SDRAM/flash memory controllers.

FPGA Training kit Alter cyclone 2 USB Hardware Features

The development board has the following hardware features:
■ Altera Cyclone® II EP2C20 FPGA device
■ Altera EPCS4 Serial Configuration device
■ USB-Blaster controller chip set for programming and user API
control, supporting both JTAG and Active Serial (AS) programming
■ 512-KByte SRAM
■ 8-MByte SDRAM
■ 4-MByte Flash memory
■ SD Flash Card socket
■ 4 Push button switches
■ 10 Toggle switches
■ 10 Red user LEDs
■ 8 Green user LEDs
■ 50 MHz, 27 MHz, and 24 MHz oscillators for clock sources
■ 24-bit CD-quality audio CODEC with line-in, line-out, and
microphone-in jacks
■ VGA DAC (4-bit resistor network) with VGA-out connector
■ RS-232 transceiver and 9-pin connector
■ PS/2 mouse/keyboard connector
■ Two 40-pin expansion headers with resistor protection
■ 7.5V DC adapter or a USB cable (provided in the kit) for power

FPGA Training kit Alter cyclone 2 USB Software Features

Flexible control of the development board and Altera hardware and
software tools provide an effective FPGA-based design environment. In
addition to the hardware features, the development board provides
software support for standard I/O interfaces and a control panel facility
for accessing various components. The kit also provides software for a
number of demonstrations that illustrate the advanced capabilities of the
development board.
Use of the development board requires familiarity with the Altera
Quartus II software. Tutorials for the Quartus II software and for the
Cyclone II FPGA Starter Board are available on the Altera web site or on
the included development kit CD-ROM in the Examples directory.


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