FriendlyARM Development Board ARM Kit

Mini2440 S3C2440 ARM9 Board


FriendlyARM Development Board ARM Kit

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Product Description

FriendlyARM Development Board ARM Kit MINI2440 + 3.5 inch


Dimension: 100 x 100 mm

CPU: 400 MHz Samsung S3C2440 ARM926T (max freq. 533 MHz)

RAM: 64 MB, 32 bit Bus

Flash: up to 1GB NAND Flash

EEPROM: 256 Byte (I2C)

Ext. Memory: SD-Card socket

Serial Ports: 1x DB9 connector (RS232), total: 3x serial port connectors

USB: 1x USB-A Host 1.1, 1x USB-B Device 1.1

Audio Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack

Audio Input: Connector + Condenser microphone

Ethernet: RJ-45 10/100M (DM9000)

RTC: Real Time Clock with battery (CR1220)

Beeper: PWM buzzer

Camera: 20 pin (2.0 mm) Camera interface

LCD Interface: 41 pin connector for FriendlyARM Displays and VGA Board

User Inputs: 6x push buttons and 1x A/D pot

User Outputs: 4x LEDs

Expansion: 40 pin System Bus, 34 pin GPIO, 10 pin Buttons (2.0 mm)

Debug: 10 pin JTAG (2.0 mm)

Power: regulated 5V (DC-Plug: 1.35mm inner x 3.5mm outer diameter)

Power Consumption: Mini2440: 0.3 A, Mini2440 + 3.5″ LCD: 0.6 A, Mini2440 + 7″ LCD: 1 A

OS Support

Windows CE 5 and 6



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